6 Things a Virtual Worker ‘Won’t’ Do – and 6 it ‘Can’t’

November 22, 2016 | News, Technology



If you’re not sure about whether to implement Virtual Workers in your business, here’s a really quick and dirty way to help you make your mind up.


6 Things a Virtual Worker Won’t Do


1. Be late for work

2. Use company time to do online shopping

3. Use company premises as the address for their online shopping delivery

4. Go for a cigarette break / toilet break / lunch break

5. Leak information that could affect your share price

6. Complain they’re being expected to behave ‘like a robot’


6 Things a Virtual Worker Can’t Do


1. Investigate a process / solution / investment opportunity and make a recommendation

2. Come up with a creative solution to a business problem

3. Negotiate

4. Interpret data points and turn it into knowledge you can base business decisions on

5. Create its own scope of work

6. Demonstrate empathy for others


At Thoughtonomy we believe that there is more than just a place for a Virtual Workforce, there’s a need for it. By using Robotic Process Automation, we give organisations the opportunity to take the mundane, routine, repetitive tasks that make their employees feel like robots up into the Cloud where they can be actioned in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the price, of a person.

This transforms how you can use headcount, frees up your thinking, and delivers cost savings on everything from desk space to diskspace.

To find out how introducing a Virtual Workforce could make your organisation even more human, get in touch.

Written by Dean Chapman, Commercial Director at Thoughtonomy.

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