Alsbridge benchmark estimates 30% price reduction through Virtual Workforce

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Alsbridge benchmark estimates 30% price reduction through Virtual Workforce


In a recent white paper, sourcing advisor and benchmarking specialist Alsbridge assess the impact of Robotic Process Automation and Autonomics on IT service delivery and pricing.

Automation has the potential to perform increasingly sophisticated human functions and fundamentally redefine IT service delivery.

This Alsbridge white paper examines the basic characteristics of autonomics and the Virtual Workforce and how they differ from traditional automation technologies. The author also discusses potential applications and scenarios for autonomics, and key considerations for evaluating autonomics solutions. Preliminary findings from the Alsbridge ProBenchmark® database on autonomics pricing are reviewed.

Supporting recent experience from the work Thoughtonomy has undertaken with clients on service desk automation projects, the benchmark predicts a 30% reduction in the price of service desk sourcing.

The white paper is available here

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