Automation Creation With a Twist

September 14, 2015 | News, Staff, Technology, Uncategorized
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By Danny Major, Head of Services, Thoughtonomy


Automation is by no means a new concept, across a wide range of industries it has been one of the defining factors for increased efficiency and organisation growth in both past and modern times. For organisations within the IT arena automation comes in a range of guises, from small fit-for-purpose scripts to large complex end-to-end toolset replacement programs. To gain these advances the skills required in order to get an automation provisioned are often costly and in the case of developers we find that they are often abstracted away from the process or function they are tasked to automate. The end result is sometimes left to interpretation or meaning the process has changed to ‘fit’ to what is possible.


That need not be the case though. What if the process owner or subject matter experts were able to design, map and build the automations themselves, mirroring activities exactly as they are completed by a human worker today – through a workflow orientated interface, meaning no changes to the process, and no need for development skills!


With Thoughtonomy’s unique approach to automation, manual, repetitive structured tasks are packaged and given to a virtual workforce for completion. In essence digitising the work (process) and the worker for either the end-to-end completion of an activity or specific point in time tasks in support of staff.


Through the deployment of the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce®, any structured electronic activity can be defined, mapped and distributed, creating a multi-skilled function capable of executing any business process 24/7 to either compliment or extend your organisation. By looking to automate your organisational tasks with a virtual workforce using the existing skills available to you, the barriers to entry are removed, allowing you to adopt automation in an enterprise, stable and manageable way at a pace that’s right for you.

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