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The key to your processes

We’ll help you to make the most out of your property investments through the automation of your processes. Using our virtual workforce, you’ll spend less time on processes and more time expanding your portfolio. Working together, we can unlock the power of your processes so that you can always be ahead of the market.

6 Process Examples

Credit & Background Checks

Assess and validate your potential clients with instant automated checks. Our Virtual Workers can protect you from the unexpected by giving you insight into your customer’s history.

Lease Management

We’ll maximise your rental income and give you a clear view of your property portfolio. With our platform, you’ll be able to respond quickly to rental opportunities and keep your properties at maximum capacity.

Planning Applications

Get your project off the ground faster with automated planning applications. Whether you intend to construct or change a building, virtual workers lay the foundation for a quick turn around of your application.

Rent Accounting

Fulfil your unique accounting requirements as a landlord, no matter where you are based. Invest more of your time in your properties, in the knowledge that you are meeting your unique accounting obligations.

Utilities Management

Firmly control your properties power usage with understanding delivered to you by virtual workers. Allowing you to please your tenant, while managing your power expenditure.

Real Estate Listing Automation

You’ll be selling faster as automated listings giving you more time to build relationships. Whether it’s a residential, industrial or commercial property, quickly turn for sale into sold with virtual workers.

Case study


saved annually

As one of the oldest mutual life assurance companies in the UK, this organisation was searching for a way to better serve their customers. Their employees processed inbound requests on an 18-year-old mainframe application which they couldn’t replace.
By implementing our platform, they didn’t need to replace their current systems and could now deliver the modern digital service they desired.

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