Are You Making Money While You Sleep?

03/02/2017 | Uncategorized
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During the darkest hours of the night, what’s going on in your business?  Are customer requests gently dropping into service queues?  Perhaps people in markets that you don’t yet operate in are looking at your website.  Maybe you’re simply racking up cost for an infrastructure that will lay dormant until morning.
This doesn’t have to be the case, and the CxO’s and entrepreneurs that grab this concept early are the ones that will gain the attention of investors.  So what’s stopping you?

Growth linked to # of employees

Plenty of companies plateau when the volume of work exceeds the amount that employees are able to manage.  Common challenges include the cost and time-lag in recruiting and cash-flow issues when you need to significantly invest in order to grow.

A digital economy but a 9-5 workforce

As consumers we expect to be able to socialise, organise and shop at a time of our choosing.  In business there’s still a cultural gap.  If a decision can’t be made after 5.30 it’s the equivalent of sticking a ‘closed’ sign on a shop door – and that’s not good for growth.

The wrong kind of work

Do you really want your most valuable resources keying data into spreadsheets?  Is it really necessary for a person in the team to spend a whole day setting up and running service level reports?  There is a reason why there are unpopular jobs in every company and it’s because everyone knows they are a waste of talent, as well as sucking up time.

Growing the business virtually

There are many tasks don’t need to rely on a person at a desk.  For some of our customers this includes processing change of address details, generating and distributing batch reports and assisting customers in finding policy data.  In each of these circumstances, thanks to the deployment of robotic process automation and virtual workers, end users are able to self-serve at a time convenient to them and without the need for another person to be involved in the process.  The business is open and its serving customers, even if its employees are in bed.

Thoughtonomy’s Robotic Process Automation and Virtual Workforce can help your company operate on a truly 24 hour basis.  To book a demo, click here.  To discuss what difference a virtual workforce could make to your business, get in touch.

Danny Major, Head of Services 

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