Beyond RPA Q&A :The Future of Automation

May 22, 2017 | Resources, White Papers
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Beyond RPA Q&A: The Future of Automation 

In this Q&A, we discuss how we imagined what else RPA could achieve if automation wasn’t limited to deterministic work and structured interaction. What if it could interact, think and learn to evolve the way that it automates?

We asked 6 questions on how RPA has evolved and how you can join us to go – beyond RPA

1.Why RPA is only the start of the automation story
2.Why we change our perspective
3.How we changed our perspective
4.How the Virtual Workforce evolved from RPA
5.What is the Virtual Workforce
6.What impact we are seeing with our customers

These 6 questions give you insight into the future of automation and how we can help you to automate your organization

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