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07/02/2018 | Uncategorized
Thoughtonomy Intelligent Automation/ The Virtual Workforce

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In 2013, we set out to create a new automation platform, which would address frustrations our board had faced during their tenures as executives at global organizations – namely the poor productivity of office based workforces, and the limitations of traditional automation tools or headcount-based outsourcing to deliver efficiency gains.

We recognized that the short-term cost benefit from labor outsourcing can compound productivity issues, and that  traditional automation tools were often too niche, too tactical, or prohibitively expensive to implement.

Our vision was of an intelligent automation platform, the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce®, which could address these issues by thinking differently – moving the lens from that of traditional automation tools fixed on improvement within a process or business function, and focusing instead on the automation of the workforce themselves. Imagine the creation of an unlimited pool of skilled workers, who could work in any system, application or tool across an organization, and could be taught to perform any function or carry out any task, at any time. These workers would no longer be limited by boundaries of the department they worked in, their physical location, or the hours in a standard working day.

We imagined, we created. The Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce® is an award-winning Intelligent Automation platform. It is Software-as-a-Service Digital Labor which addresses the challenge of office workforce productivity. It has the capacity to free skilled workers to deliver value with their creativity, innovation and intellect; to reduce operational costs; to improve customers’ experiences; and to provide the ability to launch new services and disrupt existing markets.

Our unique platform combines the principles of Cloud Computing, Software Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to provide a platform for the digitization and automation of work. Once taught, our Virtual Workers simulate the actions of a human worker – using and interacting with business applications without any changes to those applications. The Workers use information to make the same decisions as a person would, and after being taught a process, can execute it without error, 24 hours a day and at machine speed. And as they do, they learn, and use that learning to continually improve and optimize their work.

This is automation without compromise, this is your Virtual Workforce

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