Computacenter deploy Virtual Workers in Service Desk

Computacenter deploy Virtual Workers in Service Desk

Computacenter partners with Thoughtonomy to deliver robot-powered service desk automation with a virtual workforce

Deployment of the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce™  to provide end to end automation of manually intensive Service Desk activities

London 15th January 2015, Computacenter, Europe’s preferred IT provider to enable users and their business through managed services, today announced the addition of a robotic workforce to their internal service desk operation with the deployment of the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce.

Through the use of robotic process automation (RPA) tailored specifically to use in their multilingual service desk operation, Computacenter have been able to automate over 95% of key user administration tasks via an online self-service portal, removing any need for service desk interaction and managing the entire process using virtual, rather than human, workers.

“Computacenter are committed to providing high quality, cost efficient service operations through continual improvement and innovation”, said Simon Oecken, Group Director, Managed Services at Computacenter. “By moving manually intensive tasks from service desk analysts to a virtual workforce initiated on demand, we are able to offer rapid, error-free 24/7 execution of key activities, and allow our service desk staff to focus on providing world-class customer service.”

Terry Walby, Chief Executive of Thoughtonomy adds, “We are delighted to be working with Computacenter, and to have proven the benefits of RPA for their support functions. Using the virtual workforce, the requests which were previously generating the highest volume of inbound service desk calls are now being delivered on-line with zero human touch. And because the software follows the same processes as a human worker, these efficiencies required no changes to downstream applications or systems, so could be delivered very rapidly.”

Following the success of the initial deployment, Computacenter are evaluating options for further deployment of virtual workers across its operations functions, and have signed a partnership with Thoughtonomy to offer their technology to support the delivery of transformational efficiency and service enhancement programs to their wide ranging European customer base.

About Thoughtonomy

Thoughtonomy offer a ground-breaking new approach to automating manual activities in service operations through robotic process automation (RPA). Rather than deploying new tools, changing processes or writing complex system integrations, thoughtonomy technology uses RPA to deploy a virtual workforce to automate processes and workloads across service and support operations. Trained to work as an exact replica of the activities and interactions of human operatives, “software robots” take on key functions which would otherwise require manual human intervention, linking systems, data and complex process workflow. Operating at machine speed, 24 hours a day, the virtual workforce is error free, reliable and highly scalable. The technology is available through dedicated on-premise implementations, or a range of subscription and as-a-service offerings.

About Computacenter

Computacenter is Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business. They advise organisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology, optimise its performance, and manage our customers’ infrastructures. In doing this they help CIOs and IT departments in enterprise and corporate organisations maximise productivity and the business value of IT for internal and external users.

Computacenter provides user support, the best devices, and secure provision of applications and data to support individual working styles and improve collaboration. To achieve this, they assist with consulting as well as the implementation and operation of networks and datacenter infrastructures on or off customers’ premises and in the cloud. They operate Infrastructure Operations Centers and Group Service Desks across Europe, South Africa and Asia from which employees provide user support in 18 languages.

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