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December 1, 2017 | News, Resources
Smith & Williamson: AI, IA & Workforce Automation

Smith & Williamson: Entrepreneurial Minds – Thinking Machines Event, 22 November 2017

I had the privilege of speaking at last week’s “Entrepreneurial Minds” Event hosted by Smith & Williamson in Moorgate, London. The theme for the evening was “Thinking Machines” and I was invited to speak to share my views on the current AI environment and how it might change our lives and businesses. I offered my insights around AI, Intelligent Automation and provided use cases of Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce®, which shifted my conversation with the audience from current applications of workforce automation to a Q&A session and further discussions around the future of IA and AI – beyond RPA.

What really piqued many of the audience’s interest was the possibility of imagining. Imagine having an unlimited pool of highly capable and adaptable office workers, who could be trained to complete any work task across the Front, Middle and Back Offices of a firm. Imagine they could be taught to use every system and application in use across the entire organization Now imagine that resource pool is not people, but Cloud based software, available anywhere in the world, and able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever taking a break or making an error.

Thoughtonomy brings together the power of cloud computing, with the principles of software robotics and artificial intelligence to create the award winning Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce®, a software as a service (SaaS) platform which clients and partners “teach” to execute their business processes.

From this point forward – during the Q&A segment and in more individual and group discussions afterward – guests wanted to understand more about Thoughtonomy’s architecture, and the technical ‘how’ of delivery, as well as future possibilities of workforce automation. We discussed how a future workforce may function, with virtual workers working alongside human workers, and even the concept of job-sharing with virtual workers. I thoroughly enjoyed networking with such a highly-engaged audience – brilliant entrepreneurs looking toward the future and imagining.

With over 150 customers across 27 countries worldwide, many firms have begun their intelligent automation and digitization journey, and are working to scale up their Virtual Workforce to improve efficiency, reduce costs, remove error, offer 24/7 operation, and improve customer experience. And by digitizing work better suited to technology, skilled human staff are liberated to engage in more fulfilling and value-additive activities.

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