The Productivity Puzzle and Intelligent Automation as a Solution

November 29, 2017 | News, Resources


With Chancellor Philip Hammond’s announcement of the “budget focus on skills and technology aimed to bolster UK productivity,” my thoughts shift to the productivity puzzle,. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the UK has suffered stagnant productivity, with output per worker flat-lining. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, productivity of UK workers fell in the three months to June 2017. This follows a decade where improvement in workforce productivity across sectors has been effectively zero (as shown below). What’s remarkable is that if the trend of the previous decade had continued, the UK would have experienced an improvement of almost 25% in that time.

We, at Thoughtonomy suggest that this is partly explained by workforce configuration, where resources are siloed by function or department, with role specific skills limiting the ability to share across an organisation, as well as the use of a myriad of disconnected systems creating further inefficiencies. Imagine if you had an unlimited pool of skilled workers who could bridge all of a business’ work, across all of its applications and systems, and be directed to any task or function at any time to meet with variations in demand. This is impossible with people, but not with technology.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a solution to the productivity puzzle. IA, as offered by Thoughtonomy, aims to solve this by providing a shared virtual workforce. How? Thoughtonomy is a B2B technology company addressing the challenge of improving office workforce productivity, where often knowledge workers are undertaking inefficient, repetitive, mundane or error-prone activities that limit their business value, undermine employee satisfaction, and create poor customer experiences.

The Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce® is an award-winning Software as a Service Intelligent Automation platform. Our proprietary technology combines the principles of Cloud Computing, Software Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to deliver a platform onto which clients and partners build process knowledge in order to automate and digitize work.

Our software based “Virtual Workers” access the systems and applications that staff use by emulating human workers. They simulate the human actions of launch, logon, read the screen, type at the keyboard, and move the mouse. They use information to make the same decisions as a person would, and after being taught a process, can execute it without error, 24 hours a day and at machine speed. They do all of this from the cloud, without any local infrastructure or software. “Teaching” is done not by IT developers, but by the staff who know the process, so their knowledge is digitized for the Virtual Worker to emulate.

The platform can work with any application, in any language, and is currently live in over 150 customers across 27 countries worldwide.



By – Terry Walby – CEO Thoughtonomy

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