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The Virtual IT Support Team

Your IT infrastructure and applications provide a firm footing for driving your business, but your valuable IT staff are spending their time on repetitive processes. Free your team from these processes and realign them to supporting business change. With our platform, you will have more time to create a solid IT foundation to drive future growth of your business.

9 Process Examples

Incident management

Automate management of your incidents, with automated diagnostics, remediation, or escalation to an expert. Cut your response and resolution times, while improving speed and accuracy with virtual workers.


Rapidly manage your provisioning, scaling and de-provisioning with virtual workers. With our platform, you can be sure that all of your systems are up to date as your defined system processes are automated with precision.


Optimize your system output with automated administration of your architecture and applications. Deliver your system critical tasks such as change, remediation and validation – without using your valuable resources.

Network Support

Keep your network running smoothly with instant updates and measurement using our platform.  Whether it’s your firewalls, load balancers,  or other network technology, virtual workers will make sure your network delivers.

Backup & patch management

Automate your routine tasks such as CMDB and ticketing, backup and recovery management, patching updates, and testing. Liberate your team from repetitive processes as they are automated by virtual workers.

Service Brokerage

Supply the service you need with ease through the automation of your multiple providers or hybrid architectures. Using our platform, you can easily interface across suppliers so you can deliver the right service – at the right time.

Test & UAT automation

Free your IT team from the process of testing, validating and releasing application updates. Our virtual workers will happily perform all your repetitive tests, and with our scalable workforce, you can manage multiple tests in DevOps or UAT simulation with ease.

Daily checks

Make sure your services are ready for production and at optimum functionality at all times with automated daily checks. Our virtual workers make sure your applications are always ready to support your business.

User experience & transaction monitoring

Build an improved user experience for your business with automated testing through simulation. As our virtual workers can interact as people do, you can be sure that the experience meets expectations.

Case study


saved annually

An analysis of service desk agent activities revealed that a high proportion of time and effort was being expended on repetitive and manually intensive tasks and activities.

The Virtual Workforce® enabled Computacenter to deliver over 89% automation of addressable activities, and increase online service interaction from 9% to 61%. The solution also delivers real value to clients across 9 European countries in 27 languages.

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