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The triple win of service automation

You provide business services to clients, perhaps across professional services, legal, financial, technology or beyond. Customer service is paramount, as is efficiency and both cost and quality leadership. Our Virtual Workers can improve your service offerings, improve delivery efficiency, and improve quality – a triple win for your business, your clients and your staff.

6 Process Examples

Service operations

Refocus your staff on activities requiring creativity, intellect, subjectivity or emotion and let Virtual Workers take care of task execution. Take the “robot” out of your people and let our robots support them.

Customer management

As a service provider, effective customer management is paramount, whether that’s onboarding new clients, keeping records updated or synchronizing systems. Let Virtual Workers manage your data processing while your people focus on service.

Starters and Leavers

With people-centric business, effective management of your staff is essential. Let Virtual Workers take over the repetitive processes of staff onboarding and offboarding, including record creation or suspension, employee setup, and logistics such as building access and equipment ordering.

Record synchronisation

With often multiple systems of record across both your own organization and your clients, suppliers and partners, keeping data sources in sync is a pain.. Synchronize your records across multiple systems – without the need to rekey data. Our Virtual Workers will give you confidence your systems are all right up to date with the same critical information.

Monitoring and Governing

With service levels governing and measuring internal and external measurement, understating your performance against key metrics is key. But, why have your staff managing data extraction, manipulation and report creation when you can have virtual workers take on that task, and offer it for real-time and on-demand consumption?

Resource Management

Are all of your systems aligned to understand your staffing profile, what skills are needed and what your resource requirements are now and in the future? Let Virtual Workers support your resource management process – and use technology to align supply with demand across both virtual and human workers.

Case study


hours saved monthly

The Timico team had identified areas of process that were time-consuming and repetitive. Initially, there was a lack of belief in what workforce automation could deliver.
Timico has been able to reduce the manual tasks involved with the ADSL Monitoring; a critical service for many of our customers.

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