The Virtual Solution to Compliancy

26/01/2017 | Uncategorized
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The Virtual Solution to Compliancy


What does it take to get your message across when it comes to compliancy?  What’s crucial to a company being able to operate within the bounds of legislation is not always something that employees want to listen to.  In the hope of making the message stick, organisations try to produce content that is more engaging, creative or flexible but this still doesn’t guarantee results.  Here’s my top three:

Compliance videos

In which some actors who’d much rather have a part in Sherlock pretend instead to be corporate employees confused about whether it’s right or wrong to sell a customer database.  Generally accompanied by a multiple-choice question that is impossible to get wrong.

Enforced self-learning

In which you are made to watch lengthy animations or videos of the leadership team telling you that you could be fired for forwarding company-sensitive details to a competitor.  Impossible to skip through, they take up hours of productive time.

Mandatory meetings

In which someone is flown over from HQ to tell the entire business that failure to follow the 18 page data procedure could land everyone in court.  Is usually accompanied by an expensively produced hand-out that people are expected to keep on their desks.

When compliancy involves the treatment and processing of data, it is an enormous challenge (and impossible) to ensure that every employee follows the correct procedure 100% of the time.  As creative as we can become in our efforts to make training stick, it misses one fundamental point: people are self-determining.  No amount of training is going to mitigate against the employee that has had a terrible day or one that bears a grudge against their manager.  And by our very nature of being human, we all have the capacity to make mistakes.

A virtually perfect solution

The application of virtual workers in data processing environments provides incredible results to organisations that handle sensitive data, or simply wish to make sure that their data processing complies with relevant data protection legislation.  The virtual worker simply carries out the task as per your pre-determined process in the same way each and every time.  It offers a low-risk, low-cost, highly efficient way to make sure you stay compliant – without a training course in sight.

Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce changes the way you approach compliancy, and frees your people up to focus on delivering work that needs a human touch.  To book a demo, click here.  To discuss what a virtual workforce could enable you to do for your business, get in touch.

Danny Major, Head of Services 

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