Things Don’t Break Unless You Change Them

13/01/2017 | Uncategorized
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Things Don’t Break Unless You Change Them


A phrase that I really like is “Things don’t break unless you change them”.  It’s a good way to illustrate how when a process or a system breaks down, it’s often because someone has tried to change it – even if their original intentions were good.

Most of us will have a war story about a technology project that fits with this quote: the CRM implementation that upset the sales team and didn’t work with the finance system, the custom app that halted an entire ERP roll-out.  The hours spent trying to remove duplicate records from the data transfer that went wrong….

Given this background, it’s unsurprising that the thought of replacing people with a virtual workforce could cause concern among senior leadership about organisational disruption and impact to the business.

Change Everything, While Changing Nothing

Using virtual workers to carry out repetitive, data heavy tasks normally fulfilled by people is a cultural change – it gives you the freedom to fundamentally rethink how your business operates, and the role you want your human workforce to play – but it doesn’t have to mean a change that disrupts business as usual.  Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce requires no change of process or technology.  Keep your mainframes.  Keep your CRM system.  Keep every last programme and process that you find valuable in running your business and complement it with an automation engine that requires no coding or costly, time-consuming change programmes.

Teach Once, Benefit Every Day

Because a virtual worker is not a person, it only needs telling once.  No mandated training, no risk of misunderstanding; just show it how to perform the process and it’s done.  There’s no need for background checks or an annual review.  Just a process that gets carried out as it should be, with up to 15x the efficiency of a standard workforce.

And If You Don’t Like It

You don’t have to worry.  With your systems and processes still intact, you can simply put a person back in the seat, and back in charge of the task.

Not sure this is possible?  I’d love the opportunity to change your mind.  To see Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce in action, click here to book a demo.  To discuss what a virtual workforce could enable your business to do, get in touch.

Danny Major, Head of Services

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