Thoughtonomy approved as supplier on UK Government G-Cloud 8 Framework

August 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

Thoughtonomy approved as supplier on UK Government G-Cloud 8 Framework


Thoughtonomy is pleased to announce it has been approved as a supplier on the latest version of the UK’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS) cloud procurement framework G-Cloud 8 (G8). CCS vision is to deliver value for the UK through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service.

What is G-Cloud?


The G-Cloud agreement supports the UK Government’s policy to centrally manage the procurement of common goods and services through an integrated commercial function at the heart of government. As part of the Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud offers the whole of the public sector an easy solution to sourcing IT solutions and consultants. 

The G-Cloud programme has been developed to transform the way in which the public sector purchases Information and Communications Technology, with access to the right skills and solutions, UK government clients can operate more competitively, with G8 continuing to support the process through simplified buying process for government departments and managers

Only certified suppliers who meet the specific requirements in providing secure services for enterprise environments are accepted.

What has been approved?


Thoughtonomy has been selected to supply their Software as a Service (SaaS) Virtual Workforce platform, and for the provision of associated specialist RPA services in training, implementation and enablement.

Is the solution only available to UK Government?


This agreement supports procurement of the solution by UK Government. The SaaS Virtual Workforce and associated services are available to both Public Sector and Private Sector organisations globally. For more information please contact



Dean Chapman, Thoughtonomy Commercial Director, stated, “We are delighted that the we have been selected by CCS to supply the Virtual Workforce Software as a Service to UK Government. Achieving a place on G-Cloud 8 is a recognition of Thoughtonomy’s unique SaaS platform and it’s potential with the public sector. It is also encouraging to see the UK Government committed to supporting innovative businesses with the necessary expertise in offering solutions through simple, approved channels for public sector contracts.”



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