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London & New York, 26 April 2018 – Thoughtonomy, the leading Intelligent Automation platform provider, today announced the release of fully inclusive enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality within its Software as a Service platform. This will enable organisations to enhance the productivity of their workforces through the automation and digitization of knowledge work, by making advanced AI functionality accessible to business users.

The new functionality forms a cornerstone of the ‘Evolution Edition’, the latest iteration of the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce®, which combines the AI enhancements with additional capabilities which include the ability to understand, interpret, translate and structure information, as well as interact with human workers in natural language. This underpins the delivery of digital labour to organisations of all sizes, across all industries, who are able to use Virtual Workers to replicate tasks across all business departments and functions, with each Virtual Worker able to deliver the workload of up to 15 human knowledge workers. The concept of digital labour combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI and cloud to allow organisations to free up capacity in skilled staff, allowing them to conduct higher value tasks which deliver greater value to their customers and citizens, and improved business value.

According to an Accenture study, the AI market will add over $10Tn of economic value worldwide by 2035. Thoughtonomy’s Evolution Edition is the only intelligent automation platform delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), with a single license subscription model. In an industry first, Thoughtonomy has taken an ’evergreen’ approach, ensuring that customers will always have access to the latest functionality, with continual improvements made through the nondisruptive addition of new capabilities over time.

“Thoughtonomy is an innovative company that offers RPA combined with cognitive capabilities and analytics, with features such as smart management of robots and workload balancing, on a Software-as-a-Service model,” said Sarah Burnett, Research Vice President at Everest Group. “With this release, Thoughtonomy has created a platform that allows enterprises to use AI as well as built-in software capabilities.” As a Microsoft Gold Partner and ISV, Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce Evolution Edition is designed and built to operate on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, enabling the service to be delivered globally at scale. In addition to proprietary AI algorithms, the platform also  utilizes Azure Cognitive Services to underpin a number of its AI services. The Thoughtonomy platform has been designed to support organizations across the world in delivering improvements in workforce productivity and the digitization of services, and enhanced over time based on feedback from customers and partners. The Evolution Edition brings a new paradigm to the delivery of Intelligent Automation so that this process of continual improvement ensures that the latest market leading functionality is always available to all users in a completely frictionless way.

“If you read about AI and robotics, there are horror stories that they will do away with everyone’s jobs. But we don’t believe that. We just believe it dramatically improves productivity,” Scott Dodds, CEO, Ultima “We are using it to free up employees from carrying out mundane tasks and focus on more complex and worthwhile activities.” “Industry commentators have referred to the advancement of automation and artificial intelligence as the fourth Industrial Revolution”, said Terry Walby, Chief Executive at Thoughtonomy. “There is no doubt that this technology will change the world of knowledge work and service delivery forever – but our view is that the future of office work will include a blend of human and digital labour, and that a better representation is not of a revolution, but of an accelerated evolution. Our Virtual Workforce Platform democratises the availability of AI-enabled business services to non-technical users in organisations of all sizes across the world, and the Evolution Edition underpins our commitment to continual improvement and ongoing market leadership.”

This news comes after a period of impressive growth for Thoughtonomy; the UK-based company has consistently reported year-on-year growth in excess of 300%. In 2017, the company expanded internationally with offices in New York and Austin. In early 2018 the company established an R&D hub in Manchester, UK and announced a strategic growth plan focused on increasing its channel business from around 45% of current transactions to more than 90% within the next 12 months.

About Thoughtonomy

Thoughtonomy was founded in the UK in 2013 and now works with over 180 clients in 28 countries and has offices in London and Manchester in the UK, New York and Austin in the US. Thoughtonomy’s technology combines the principles of Cloud Computing, Software Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to provide a platform for the digitization and automation of office work. Once taught, Virtual Workers simulate the actions of a human worker – using and interacting with business applications without any changes to those applications. The Workers use information to make the same decisions as a person would, and after being taught a process, can execute it without error, 24 hours a day and at machine speed. And as they do, they learn, and use that learning to continually improve and optimize their work.

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