Spotlight on Thoughtonomy at TechMarketView evening 2015

September 10, 2015 | Events, Staff, Technology, Uncategorized

Spotlight on Thoughtonomy at TechMarketView evening 2015


Royal Institute of British Architects, 9th September 2015


At the TechMarketView annual presentation evening attended by over 250 senior executives from the UK SITS industry, Thoughtonomy CEO Terry Walby was invited to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities for innovative, agile and focused SME’s to deliver value alongside, and with, the heavyweight players in the industry.


Interviewed by TechMarketView’s Tola Sargent, Terry explained how the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce was delivering value to some of the largest ITO and BPO organisations, as well as smaller Managed Service providers, automating across provider’s internal functions, into customer-specific outsourced operations, and working collaboratively to take automation as a service to existing and new end users. He highlighted how the non-disruptive approach to automation, with Virtual Workers operating existing systems and applications as though they were human workers, had opened up automation possibilities previously impossible or unviable to address.


Tola was interested in how automation could support the shift from legacy to digital, and Terry explained how the challenges associated with most digitisation initiatives – the need to change applications and backend systems not designed to be digital – could be avoided by offering a digital interface to an existing service using Virtual Workers to operate legacy applications.


Finally, they discussed the landscape for SME’s working with larger more established SITS organisations and how attitudes had matured in recent years such that many of those bigger companies had embraced the innovation, flexibility and focus offered by smaller businesses and actively sought to partner with them to bring those benefits to their clients.



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