Vysiion introduces operational and business process automation to its portfolio

June 20, 2017 | Press Releases
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Vysiion introduces operational and business process automation to its portfolio


Vysiion partners with Thoughtonomy to introduce new intelligent automation to its portfolio with a partner launch to take place at SOCITM in Exeter on 23rd June

Vysiion, the managed technology solutions provider, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Thoughtonomy, providers of an ‘as-a-service’ operational and business automation platform, The Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce®.

Recently awarded G-Cloud 9 status in all three categories – hosting, software and support, alongside its Digital Outcomes and Specialist 2 Framework success, Vysiion has also introduced the ‘as a service’ intelligent automation into its public-sector catalogue as ‘Vysiion Automation’.

This is an additive and complementary service from Vysiion, an SME business, that has extensive Cloud Computing and Enterprise consultancy experience in both public and private sector.

Ground Breaking Business Automation

Founded in 2013, Thoughtonomy has developed a new ground-breaking automation platform that can help organisations overcome the challenges of workforce productivity, skills availability, and digitisation of service offerings. Vysiion Automation, which is powered by Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce, is a flexible, secure, on-demand enterprise class platform, delivered from the cloud, onto which clients can build their own business processes as digital workflows that can be executed as required.

Caroline Andrewes, Sales Manager, Cloud & Enterprise from Vysiion, comments: “Thoughtonomy’s intelligent automation has the real potential to accelerate citizen centric capabilities in the Public Sector whilst improving an organisation’s ability to scale quickly should the need arise. The key is in the selection, mapping and development of the right business processes.”

Terry Walby, Thoughtonomy’s CEO, adds: “We are very pleased to be able to bring the benefits of advanced automation to public sector organisations in a way which allows them to rapidly deliver enhanced efficiency and improved public services. Our partnership with Vysiion, whose experience in this arena is recognised, will undoubtedly bring additional benefits to all parties.”


SOCITM: Data Driven Services & commercialisation

The forthcoming SOCITM South West meeting in Exeter has its theme of ‘Data Driven Services and commercialisation’. Attendees will be able to hear from Vysiion’s Caroline Andrewes and Thoughtonomy’s Michael McLaughlin about how intelligent automation can add extra value to an organisation’s operational efficiency, and is a great opportunity for front line Public Sector IT professionals to learn more about this innovative offering.


The event is taking place on the June 23rd at Exeter Racecourse Conference Centre and further details are provided below.

For more information on any of our Cloud Computing, Datacentre, Enterprise and IT services or if you are interested in hearing more about what we can provide contact Caroline Andrewes on 01249 446500 or send an information email to cloudsales@vysiion.co.uk




The event is be held from 9.30am – 4.00pm on the 23rd June at Exeter Racecourse Conference Centre.


Full address details are:

Exeter Racecourse Conference Centre





Agenda details can be found: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/socitm-south-west-regional-meeting-tickets-34567508348


About Vysiion:

With a history stretching back to 1971 Vysiion’s solutions have been developed from its heritage in business critical infrastructure delivery, its ICT managed services expertise, and its Public Sector cloud, hosting and network capabilities. As a result the Vysiion team has the experience and capability to provide a full technology consultancy and delivery solution.

All solutions are developed by a team with a thorough understanding of Cloud & Enterprise, Colocation, Infrastructure Delivery and ICT Managed Services.

The aim is to help organisations meet their technology requirements by gaining new efficiencies from proven technologies.

Implementation is undertaken by seasoned and knowledgeable professionals who have a keen understanding of business critical project activation and a passion for making a positive difference to your business.


For more information contact Vysiion:

T: +44 (0) 1249 446500

E: info@vysiion.co.uk

W: www.vysiion.co.uk


 About Thoughtonomy

The Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce® is a highly flexible intelligent automation platform. It uses software to replicate the way people work in existing applications and systems, the processes they follow, and the decisions they make, to deliver automation without disruption. With frictionless cloud deployment and as-a-service delivery, it requires no infrastructure, no replacement of applications, deployment of agents, software development or system integration.Headquartered in London, UK, Thoughtonomy work with leading service providers, integrators, outsourcers and enterprise clients globally to realize the enormous potential of virtual workers as part of a delivery organization.


T: +44 333 577 5730

E: enquiries@thoughtonomy.com

W: www.thoughtonomy.com




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